Voice Port - Telephone Handset Interface

Connect Voice Port between the base of your telephone and the handset or headset. The two attached audio cables give you audio in and out of your telephone. Connect the "From Phone" cable to the mic input on your computer sound card, connect the "To Phone" cable to the line or speaker output of your sound card.

The audio output from Voice Port contains a nice mix of audio from both sides of the conversation. The audio input to Voice Port allows you to send audio into the phone and into your earpiece at the same time. Once installed, Voice Port is controlled by one push switch. With the button in the Out position, your conversation is sent to your recording device (sound card). With the button in the In position, you are sending audio into the phone, in place of your microphone signal.

Use the Voice Port to record interviews directly to your computer sound card. Then you can upload the files to your podcast.

Group Listen
On most sound cards you can loop the microphone signal right through to the computer speakers. When this is enabled, everyone can hear your telephone conversation over your computer speakers. You talk, and everyone listens, without speakerphone cutout.


Voice Port has moved to JK Audio! http://www.jkaudio.com/voice-path

  • Record conversations
  • Play audio into phone
  • Group Listen
  • Works with any phone system
  • No battery or AC needed

Line In: 48" long cable with 3.5mm stereo plug, left channel only.
250 mV RMS, 10k ohm in.

Mic Level Out: 48" long cable with 3.5mm mono plug. 50 mV RMS, 1000 ohm out.

Handset Type Compatibility:
Electret, Dynamic, or Carbon

Size: 3" x 2" x 1" (7.6 x 5 x 2.5 cm)

Accesories Included:
18" handset cord

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